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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Tip to Stop your Dog from Jumping

Jumping up is one of the behavior problems that owners complain about the most.  And it’s something that lots of dogs do, especially when they are puppies and adolescents.  Puppies typically jump up as a way to greet their mothers, even licking around their mouths, so it’s not surprising that a puppy will try to do this with their owner.  But it’s very irksome when you’re trying to get in the house carrying an armful of groceries and your puppy knocks everything on the floor.  Or, if a young, large dog jumps up on an elderly person or a young child.  Someone can get hurt.

So, how can you get your puppy or young dog to stop jumping up on you and other people?  The simplest way is to completely ignore the dog. That’s not as easy as it sounds.  Most people have the impulse to yell at their dog when he jumps up on them or push him away.  But when your dog jumps up on you he’s really seeking attention most times.  If you yell at him or touch him, even to push him away, you are giving him the attention he wants.  Even negative attention is attention as far as your dog is concerned, and he’ll be happy with it.  Instead of giving your dog any kind of attention, even negative attention, ignore your dog completely. When your puppy or dog jumps up on you, don’t look at him.  Don’t make eye contact with him.  Don’t touch him in any way.  Instead, move away from him and walk away.

It’s not easy to do this.  The more you ignore your dog, the more he will try to get your attention, so the jumping up may increase at first, before your dog gives up and stops the jumping.

In addition, for this method to work, you have to make sure that everyone in your home ignores your dog when he jumps up on them.  If your spouse or your children yell at your dog for jumping up or laugh at him or push him away or give him any kind of attention, then it won’t work.  Your dog will continue to jump up and try to get attention from you and other people because he’s getting attention when he does it sometimes. It’s working for him.

If you keep this method up, and ignore your puppy or dog completely whenever he tries to jump on you, he will eventually stop.  You just have to be patient and make sure that everyone in your home is following this plan.

There are other methods of teaching a puppy or dog to stop jumping but this one is simple and easy if you are consistent with it and you can start teaching it to a puppy at a young age.

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