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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Basic Obedience, The Best Gift for Your Dog

We buy them treats, beds and sometimes clothing either for practical reasons or just because we enjoy it. We get them gifts at Christmas and include them in holidays. But there is one gift that you can give your dog that is better than any other.

The gift of training helps dogs not be a statistic of one of the over 90% given up due to training issues. The gift of training helps insure that if for whatever reason he needs a home he has a bigger chance of finding a good home than a poorly trained, unruly dog.

When we picture getting a dog it's with the thought of playing in the yard. We call him and he promptly comes running. He sits politely. These things are important but there are many other things in a dog's nature that are important to understand also. If we help him then he can be the wonderful pet we had thoughts of when we selected him.

This basic training understands that dogs are social animals – when we leave it can stress an insecure dog. When he gets destructive it's easy to blame the dog for misbehaving but we need to understand enough to help our dogs adapt to our world! We do strange things that dogs don’t do. We may leave several days per week then come back hours later and to our reality it's going to work. To a dog it's an exciting hunting trip he's missing and when we come home with food it confirms this!

Additionally learning to come, walk quietly on a leash, sit, down and behave appropriately is important. There are many situations that this basic obedience training can save your dog's life. Consider these examples:

-You and the dog are playing in an open area and the dog pulls away or the leash breaks. There is a busy street nearby - "Come!" could keep him from being hit by a car.

-We don't like to think of us leaving before our pets but deployments, accidents and other situations can mean leaving our pets. If there is family to take them it is preferred but if not it can mean relying on good training to find another home.

-Your dog sniffs a chocolate candy that someone left on the table. "NO! Leave it" results in the dog backing away rather than grabbing a treat that can make him sick.

Life happens. We can help train your dog to live with our imperfect lives. What's it worth? Look at the look in his eyes to just be with you or watch the greeting when you come home even after a short trip to the store. What is that worth?

A well trained dog is a joy. He's a part of the home and is welcome in many hotels when we travel. Give your dog the best gift - that of time to train him to navigate this sometimes crazy world we live in. Our world. It's a lifetime gift to your biggest fan.

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Karan Gupta said...

Thanks for sharing above information and tips for pet training. Keep it on update. How to train your dog is a question asked by almost all dog owners. It seems everyone has advice and tips, and opinions on the best way to train your dog. Training your dog is a must to avoid dog behaviour problems. So what easy steps to train your dog?
1. You can always use toys instead of treats if your dog is not motivated by food. Use a special toy that you can keep especially for training, like a tug-toy or a squeaky toy.
2. Your training session should only be about 5 to 10 minutes long, and you can train several times a day (up to 3 times a day).
3. Don’t forget to always praise your dog throughout the training, especially when he completes the roll over trick. You want your dog to have the greatest fun during training, and if you are enthusiastic, he will pick up your energy and will be more willing to work with you. Thanks.