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Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Look Into the Dog’s World

Have you ever looked at our world through a dog’s eyes? An understanding of dog behavior can be amazing. Even documentaries on wolves (also canines) or wild dogs give incredible insight to the canine mind and with this I'm not implying that dogs and wolves are the same like some so-called TV behavior specialists may claim.
When we ask a dog to come into our world and adapt sometimes we don’t fully understand what we’re asking of them. The dog left to his own devices roams a certain territory, looks for opportunity of a free meal and is active for most of the day.
By contrast a dog in our home adapts to get up and we leave, while they stay home to a much smaller ‘territory’ and often snooze during the day until the family comes home for activities.
Some dogs have a hard time with this adjustment and their frustration can result in undesired behavior. This might be chewing, destroying things, getting into food (“opportunity!”) or barking. Many dogs are given up for such destructive behavior. The good news is that there is always available help. Dog behavior training programs target common problems that arise when pet parents and dogs can't communicate with each other. The ultimate goal is to teach the human to see the world from the dog's point of view.

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